Shemya is a two mile by four mile island located near the western end of the Aleutian chain, roughly 1500 miles away from Anchorage. The island of Attu is just to the northwest, while Agattu is just off to the west and can be seen from Shemya on a clear day.




6-3/4" Sheyma Island Blade

Material: Olive Green Argillite






Green Argillite Aleut Knife

Length: 3.0"

This artifact was found on Shemya Island, Aleutian Islands

Ex: Joe Adams, Sammy Ray




L: 2.6", T: .30", W: .89"

Lithic Comp.:  Dark Green Argillite





 L: 3.4", T: .34", W: .81"

Lithic Comp.:  Dark Green Argillite





Ovoid Knife 

L: 4.5", T: .57", W: 1.9"

Lithic Comp.:  Green Schist







Hide Scraper / Lunar Knife

L: 3.4", T: .34", W: .81"

Lithic Comp.:  Green Schist ?



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