Rat Islands

Aleuts occupied the islands of the Rat Island group for at least 6,000 years. Previous archaeological studies unevenly targeted Amchitka Island and highly visible coastal sites on Kiska and Rat Islands, skewing perceptions about the use of landscapes, seascapes, and resources by the Aleut of the Rat Islands.

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Aleut Blade #02-226

L: 4.9 inches, W:1.1 inches, T: .33 inches

The artifacts contained on this page are made from a fine-grained sedimentary rock called argillite.  The material makes beautiful tools. Green argillite is found on Agattu Island. Tools made from this rock are found on all the (Aleutian) Near Islands.















Aleut Blade #02-239

L: 3.7" ,W: .83" , T: .30"







Aleut Blade #02-236

L: 3.7", W: .88", T: .31"





Aleut Blade #02-222

L: 3.7", W: .67", T: .19"



Aleut Projectile  #02-229

L: 2.2", W: .8 ", T: .36"





Aleut Blade #02-225

L: 5.4", W: 1.0", T: .45"





Aleut Whale Bone Wedges  #02-199, 02-210, 02-209

L: 3.1- 3.6", W: .7-. 8"




Compressed Top






Antler Pendant

Length: 2.1 inches





Bear Tooth Amulet

Length: 3.4 inches





Seal Tooth Amulet  #02-202

Length: 1.7 inches






Whale Tooth  #02-215

Length: 3.4 inches



Rib Bone Adz

Length 14 inches









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