Aleut Artifacts from various locations




Patinated Obsidian Projectile from Unalaska Island

L: 1.9", W: 1.2"

Ex: Sydney Conner

Archeologist and a surveyor from Girard College Phila. Pa. The paper documentation material appears to indicate that this material was excavated from sites in the Aleutian Island chain during 1939.




Classic Aleut Basalt Curved Knife

From Unalaska Island

L: 2.6", W: 1.2"




 L: 1.7", T: .18", W: .54"

Basalt Aleutian Tradition Stemmed Arrow Tip

From Unalaska Island



This group of artifacts are reportedly from

Ketchikan Alaska




Black Slate Ulu




Opposite side still shows the abrasion marks from the grinding / polishing technique

Ulu appears to have been subject to water erosion.

The surface of the slate has eroded below the  intrusive veins

L: 4.9", W: 3.9"




Basalt  Oval Blade 

Very nicely marginally knapped

L: 3.9", W: 1.5"




Basalt  Oval Blade 

Highly patinated surface from wave action.

L: 3.9", W: 1.5"



Hafted Basalt Blade or Thrusting Lance Head 

L: 3.6", W: 1.3"



Oval Basalt Blade or Preform

L: 2.6", W: 1.3"



Basalt Toggle or Arrow tip

L: 2.4", W: .69", T: .19"



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