A repeating lance or thrusting spear is used by the hunter for multiple impalements.

Used in the hunting of: Whale, Polar Bear and Deer




The above lance has a sinew braid, the shaft is probably made of a rough, knotty piece of spruce, and is currently 17" in length. The head is of dark gray chert and  is 3.5 inches in length, and 1.9" in width, a thickness of .37"





A hunter normally paddles rapidly alongside of the Walrus, Bear or other large game grasps the lance near the butt,  as he would a dagger, and stabs the animal with quick multiple thrust. This spear is called ka'pun, which in the Point Barrow dialect exactly corresponds to the Greenlandic word kaput, which is applied to the long-bladed spear or long knife used for dispatching a harpooned seal.  The word ka'pun means simply "an instrument for stabbing."  Lance shafts are normally 6 feet 2 inches long, and tapers from a diameter of 0.8 inch about the middle to about one inch at each end. The tip is cleft to receive the tang of the head, and shouldered to keep the whipping from slipping off. 







B side






L: 2.2", T: .33", W: 1.3"

Base L .74", Base W: .90

Lithic Comp.:  Green Chert

Possible Northern Archaic tradition 





Deer Lance

Length: 2.2"

Thickness: .37"

Point width: 1.1"

Base Length: .77"

Base width: .81"

Lithic Comp.: Chalcedony





Base: Cortex


L: 4.0" T: .60", W: 2.5"

Base L: 1.3", Base W: 1.6"

Lithic Comp.: Dark Chalcedony





Whale Harpoon

Point Teller





L: , T: , W:

Lithic Comp.: Banded Slate








L: 2.9", T: .33", W: 1.40"

This may be a Whale Harpoon Toggle Head or Lance Head

Ex Hunter




Whale Harpoon

On the back is written in faded pencil

Tom Kennedy Whale Spear Head Pt Barrow 1883



L: 3.5", T: .35", W: 1.8"

Lithic Comp.: Black Chert

Collected by a Tom Kennedy






Lance From Point Teller

Length: 3.3"

Point width: 1.2"

Lithic Comp.: Bi-Color Chert 






L: 1.8", T: .25", W: 1.2"

Base L: .67", Base W: .83"

Lithic Comp.: Polished and Flaked Nephrite
From St. Lawrence Island





L: 2.19", T: .25", W: 1.04"

Base L: .62", Base W: .63"

Lithic Comp.: Dark-Gray Chert






Lance Head (Harpoon)

L: , T: , W:

Lithic Comp.: Black Chert

Point Teller





Possible Lance used on Walrus or Seals

L: 1.80", T: .22", W: .98"

Lithic Comp.: Black Chert

St. Lawrence Island











Possible Deer or Seal Lance



L: 2.1", T: .32", W: 1.1"

Base L: .63", Base W: .68"

Lithic Comp.: Gray Chert