Deer Points (nutkan)

Deer arrows have a long trihedral pile of antler from 4 to 8 inches long, with a sharp thin-edged point slightly concaved on the faces like the point of a bayonet. Two of the edges are rounded, but the third is sharp and cut into one or more simple barbs. Behind the barb the pile takes the form of a rounded shank, ending in a shoulder and a sharp rounded tang a little enlarged above the point.


Length: 5.658"

Composition:  Bone

Close up of owners identification






4.603" Composition: Tusk (Ivory)




L: 5.657"  Composition: Bone





L:4.511" Composition: Bone




L: 4.618"  Composition: Ivory






 9.0" Metal Point (attached with a singular copper rivet) with Bone Shaft (repaired  with Copper rivets)



Hammered Bass Point attached to Bone Shaft w/ Copper Fastener     Length: 8.74"