Length: 4.1"Thickness: .44", Base Width: 1.1"

Olive Chert Drill


The Eskimo Tools in this collection are from the Favell Museum of Klamath Falls, Oregon.
The pieces were originally collected by Guy Gilbert of Kennewick Washington,

and his daughter Alma Eades of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Gene Favell purchased Mr. Gilberts collection of Columbia River and Eskimo artifacts

 in the early 1970's in order to display the pieces in the Favell Museum.


After Mr. Favell's death in 2001,the decision was made by Mrs. Favell to sell some artifacts that were no longer on display.


Ex: Guy Gilbert,  Favell Museum, Penny Guest

Note: Most of the Guy Gilbert Collection still has his white identification number painted on it.





Banded Grey Chert

Bow Drill  Fire Starter: Drill Bit highly polished

Length: 2.17", Thickness: .32" Width: .41"

Base Length: .79", Width: .33"



Top Piece: Length: 2.1", Thickness: .31", Width: .47"

Chalcedony Bow Drill  Fire Starter: Drill Bit highly polished

Length: 2.3"Thickness: .31"Drill width: .56"

Banded  Brown (Chocolate) and Grey Chert ,

Bow Drill  Fire Starter with a highly polished Drill end




Length: 2.5", Thickness: .29", Width: .43"

Two Toned Chert Drill



Length: 1.56", Thickness: .38", Drill width: .65"

Blue Gray Chert Drill. See the other one one page 1





2.4" Chalcedony Bow Drill Tip

Tip is highly polished




Length: 3.32", Thickness: .36", Width: .61"

Base Length: Snapped", Base width: .52"

Lithic Comp.: Black Chalcedony




Length: 1.87", Thickness: .27", Width: .52"

Light Gray Chert, Socketed Type Bi-Point Drill




Length: 2.13", Thickness: .32" Width: .68"

Chalcedony Drill with tip fracture



Length:2.2", Thickness: .30", Width: .60"

Chalcedony Drill




Length: 1.8"

Thickness: .30"

Drill width: .60"

Green Chert Drill



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