Knives, Spears and Lance Heads

L: 3.5", T: .31", W: 1.1"

Base L: .65", Base W: .81"

Lithic Comp: Chalcedony




Historic Blade from Point Hope

Length: 7.25"




Curved Knife from Shismaref With Fossilized Ivory Tusk Handle Length 4.4"

Jade (21mm length) for the blade.

Considered a Wood or Ivory working tool.





Chert flake as the Blade

Owners Identification



Chert flake knife with Bone Handle





Flaked Brown/Grey Chert Semi Lunar Knife



The Below Eskimo Knives in this collection were from the Favell Museum of Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The pieces were originally collected by Guy Gilbert of Kennewick Washington,

and his daughter Alma Eades of Fairbanks, Alaska

This piece comes from the Gene Favell's Museum and was collected by Guy Gilbert.

Length: 4.3", Thickness:.53", Width:2.0"
Material: Chalcedony



Port Moller Knife

Length: 1.86", Thickness: .21", Width: .50"

Base Length: .44", Width: .44"

Lithic Comp.: Green/Black Chert

Ex Guy Gilbert; Favell Collections

Oval Blade made from Dark Gray Chert

Length: 2.0"

Thickness: .20"

Blade Width: 1.0"

Length: 1.6", Thickness: .18", Width: .32"

Material: Reddish Gray Chert

Ex: Gilbert; Favell; Guest/McGlinn Collections




Length: 2.7", Thickness: .38", Width: .91"

Lithic Comp.: Chalcedony

Ex: F. A. Goodbrod; Borgard Collection







Knife Form

Length: 3.14", Thickness: .37"

Blade Width: .850"

Lithic Comp.: Chalcedony

Ex Guy Gilbert; Favell Collections




St. Lawrence Island

Length: 3.7", Thickness: .30", Width: 1.2"

Lithic Comp.: Very Nice Flaked Yellow Chert Knife

Ex: Hunter






Length: 3.1",Thickness: .28", Blade Width: .68"

Material: Chalcedony

Ex: Kennedy; Stuart; Favell; Guest/McGlinn Collections





Red Jasper Knife From Teller Alaska




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